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What is the price of the session?
Single session cost 100 € per hour per person, so double session is for 200 € per hour. Outdoor session is for 150 €, because I take discreet guard with us to assure Your safety. On longer sessions that 3 hours I always take Comtesse to work with me, because it is exhausting, and I want You to enjoy the session on 100 percent.
What is included in the paid session time?
The paid time includes all time, including time needed for shower, enema etc.
How can I order a session?
Please order Your session only via SMS or Email. For general questions You can use our Facebook page. Don’t forget to confirm the session two hours before via SMS!
What can I expect on our meeting?
I like to talk thru Your fantasies. After that, you welcome to take shower. Than our lesson can begin. When it is over You can take shower again. I have also chill out area with sofa, cold drinks and something sweet to eat to pick up an energy.
I don’t have a time/place for enema before the session, is it problem?
No, we have facility where You can clean Yourself before the session. If You don’t do that and You will be dirty during the session, you will be send to toilet for cleaning.
I like adult baby play… can I do poo in diaper?
No, you must clean Yourself before and You can empty the clean enema to diaper.
Can I choose the outfit You will be wearing?
Yes, it is possible. Have a look in our galleries here or on our Facebook page and let me know in an email, when we will be discussing our meeting.
Is it possible to be more people involved during the session?
Yes, we can arrange another male or female dominant, submissive, TV, people who will watch, etc.
Can I touch the Mistress?
Yes, but only on Mistresses command and only over latex, leather or other fetish clothes. Therefore, face sitting is also possible only in latex, leather, etc.
Can I be naked during outside session?
No, unfortunately it is against the law.
Are there any practices You won’t do?
Yes, we don’t do caviar, anything illegal and permanently harmful. Also, we don’t do classic sex.

The premises of our studio are non-smoking, drug and alcohol free, so don’t come drunk or under influence on any kind of drugs. You will be refused.

If there is anything, what we forgot to mention fell free to ask.